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I'm offering web design and development services to help small to large businesses. people can get my services based on their actual needs.

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Services I Offer

Simple Website Design

Create a simple website to get started online to start your business or personality.

Standard Website Design

Starting a business and need a standard website to showcase your products or services online?

Complex Website Design

Running a big business and need a complex website with lots of functionalities? this is what you need!

A simple website is a website with a basic design and layout, that’s easy to navigate and doesn’t have many complex features. It typically has a clear message and purpose, and provides visitors with the information they need in a straightforward manner. 

If you’re just starting a simple business and need to have a website. this kind of website would be the best option for you!

A standard website is a website that typically has more features and functionality than a simple website. It will have everything that are required in a website.  Standard websites often include more pages and more comprehensive content, such as detailed product or service descriptions, a blog, or a portfolio of work. There will be also have features like e-commerce functionality, customer accounts, and advanced forms. 

if you’re going to start an ecommerce website or a website to sell services or products, this plan will be the best.

A complex website is a website that typically has a high degree of functionality and interactivity, often requiring more advanced programming and development.

If you’re going to run a business that requires a website with lots of pages and some custom functionalities, you may need to have a complex website.

Pricing List For Each Services

Order the service you need based on your requirements

Simple Site

$ 199
  • Pre-planning
  • Easy Layout
  • Quick Navigation
  • 4-5 Pages
  • Clean Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Time: Within 5 Days

Standard Site

$ 299
  • Proper Planning
  • Easy and Clean Design
  • Ecommerce Functionalities
  • Responsive Design
  • 10-15+ Pages
  • Social Media Integration
  • Live Chat System Integration
  • Time: Within 10 Days

Complex Site

$ 499
  • Carefully Planning
  • Ecommerce Functionalities
  • Custom Functionalities
  • Clean and Responsive Design
  • Social Media and Live Chat Integration
  • As Much Page as You Need
  • Time: Within 25 Days